Blue Dreaming



You are the shadow to my night ~ did you feel us?
Another star falls then you fade away
Afraid our aim is out of sight, when we are blindfolded
Wish to see us, alight.

“This dream.”

“Was it all only was my fantasy?”

“Or you only imaginary?”

“Where are you now?”


“Under the sea, another dream?”

Another dreams,
one of creepy faces at random bar starring at me, speaks other language, and they’re talking it to me.

“These shallow blue waters never met what I needed”

“I’m letting go a deeper dive, and come up in milky way galaxy”

“Eternal silence of the sea. I guess so, its Atlantis.”

All that i care to remember, everything was only blue.

Even in this words. Even its just a dream.

Blue Dreaming: “its one of many thought that i actually really like it, it was always uplift my morning as soon as I’m awake. I don’t know what it is exactly, but i know it wasn’t the answer.  Its good at the end. Eventually. “


One comment

  1. you can find me anywhere.. no matter where we are. It just follow your heart. maybe ‘Atlantis’? I’m so glad to see your new post.. 😘🙏🏻💗

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