Love Wildly

base on true story

Life is too short to fall for people who don’t love you loudly,

or for relationships that don’t set fire to your soul.

Our time in this earth is impermanent and those years we must love fearlessly.

The person you’re meant to be with will challenge you,

will push you,

and will drive you crazy.

He will make you happy and make you confuse,

complicated love is,

all at the same time.

The person your’e meant to be with will terrify you

they will make you feel something greater than anything and anyone else.

So this is what you need to know about love.

Chase the person who scares you in loyal,

stay with the person who dare to take you from your comfort,

in order to take you to wild love.

Comfort will let you wake up with a strange blankets smell,

you may not know how far your mind will travel once you loose it.

There is no shortcut.

There is no destination.

just fell on love wildly.



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