If Someone Ask Me “Why?”


I would like to flash back to see that sunrise to collect memory instead of things, its time for us to pack up all the past and find what truly lasts.

If everything has been written down, so why worry?

If life changing, so why worry?

We say it’s still you and I with silly smile as we wave goodbye, and you can say that was your mistake to open up the door that closed for ages. Then someone once said that “You couldn’t”, then everything turns right, a few unsaid feelings seems happened to be true. That’s why I did, and I won’t worry.

If someone ask me, “why?”

Each series of life has something unsaid feelings. For those who said with metaphors, and for those who didn’t even know what metaphors means. When you remember once wasn’t good orgasm and remember the chapter wasn’t good plot, i hope we’ll realize that we own a promise that long forgotten,



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