Convo of Balloons

Sometimes in life you meet that someone who’s just…… .a little “off”

“the Weirdos”

Can anyone else’s sister beat mine? Don’t think so! Ninces is my most favorite weirdos in the world! these are the convo in blackberry massanger between Me and Karina a.k.a Ninces, enjoy 🙂

~ ~ ~

Ninces: Ka, how many helium balloons does it take to lift me off the ground? 🙂

Me: Do you really think i’m into MATH or some scientific calculation? i don’t even know with group it belongs to, math or science.

Ninces: OMG. 4000 balloons. Cool, i want to try. Can u blow me up 4000 helium balloons? each has to be 30cm in diameter, 15 cm radius.

Me: U think this is the movie UP? I’m not gonna blowing 4000 balloons!

Me: U know what we can do? DO IT ON MOCHO (my hamster) OMFG he’s only less than 1 kgs! it takes only two balloons.

Ninces: That’s sounds good ka….but he might get carried away by the wind.

Me: Not outdoor!!! Inside the house can? Up till the ceiling.

Ninces: No, i want it to be in a much space.. 🙂

Me: MEADOW?! MEADOW!!!?!?!?!??!? YA THINK i will allow u to let my poor hamster float with helium balloons in a meadow?!?!?!?!?? Don’t be blonde!

Ninces: Don’t worry…i will bring a bow and a few arrows to shoot off balloons if he gets too high off the ground or get carried away by the wind.

Me: … and now she thinks she’s katniss. Smart.

Ninces: Why do u relate whatever i say to movies?!

Me: Because what ur doing is toooo high of an imagination that nobody in REAL LIFE would do!

Ninces: It’s in my bucket list now.

Me: You know ces, even the movie “BUCKETLIST” has more realistic things listed!

Ninces: I’ll find someone to do it with me! epic 8000 balloons! unless that person is heavier then we’ll probably need 10000..

Me: ..i should post this, maybe i’ll find that crazy person who wants to do it with u. wish me luck.

Ninces: Thank you ka. :*

Me: Seriously!?

~ ~ ~

Youre the best sister! Sometimes I wonder why I didn’t get your looks and your brains.


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