The Lights of The Sea and City Meet


~ ~ ~

Oh daughter i’m sorry i can’t get through the dark.
I’ve been trying hard to reach you but the clouds always hiding you to talk.

Oh mother i can’t believe it’s true.
I’m so scared about the future and i wanna talk to you.

Take a picture of something you see, in the future where we will be.

~ ~ ~

Oh daughter i feel like play a puzzle when i can’t find my missing piece.
Please call anytime you miss me.

I hear they’re talking something bad in the air when my life goes on.
When they’re talking it to me, everything i heard just goes wrong.
And everything i do just comes undone.

Oh mother will you find me when you feel it’s going to be wrong on your street.

Find the lights down where the sea and city meet.

Those lights will light up your night, light up the streets, light up the fireworks in me.

The lights that may bring my daughter and her mother back to me.

~ ~ ~


Author: Moussa Askey

It sounds easy, but it is not. I know because i am writing my first book: "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop" (Alice in the Wonderland)

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