Happier Choice



Somehow just by saying it, mixture feelings of excitement, worry, and pressure come upon us. Those feelings come because we have certain expectations to be met and when the calendar says that 2013 has officially begun, we often have this unspoken hope that some or at least one of our expectations can be crossed away from our list. You may expect to be a more positive person, i know, i do. Those target that you may aim like; have an great achievement in career, find a life partner, break a habit that doesn’t bring any good, and being committed to something bigger than yourself.

I wish is each one of you look forward to have a year that is full of happiness, joy, and fun. I know it’s been quite some time since the last time i post ‘Keep Calm I’m in Paradise’, but i have been saving my writing for my first book project.

On my twitter https://twitter.com/moussaaskey, i keep telling my self; “2013 is a gift” and this is not just wishful thinking, and it’s also not only my imaginary nor overreacting feelings.

I know that couple of days ago i received an email from someone that i already moved on, she said; “you are my biggest mistake in my great life”, after almost seventh month didn’t meet and talk with her anymore. To be honest i still can’t understand what happened between us, but someone once said to me; “to understand everything is to forgive everything.”

Let’s moving on with life along with all of our choices. If your choices have been making you a happier person then continues doing it. If your choices somehow have brought tears, anxiety and worry. don’t bother fixing what can not be changed instead take that experience and use it to make a new and better choices. Without you know it, 2013 will go by very quickly and 2014 will be soon around the corner. Start making a ‘happier choice’, when you don’t make that choice, you are postponing a happier and fuller life.

We never taste a perfect joy, our happiest successes are mix with sadness. ~miamou