Keep Calm i’m in Paradise

“Most people are as happy as they have decide to be”


~ ~ ~

Finally after four month, i’m writing again, and its December, yay! yes and my excuse will always be the endless demand of ‘earning and spending’ world. On my past view blog post i wrote a lot about jokes, love and happiness, about ‘How to Catch a Falling Star‘ and ‘Plot of Love‘. This time i want to write about another popular topic something that is actually can steal happiness, but hopefully of course will be an eye-opener – its stuck with your unnecessary memory with your heartless ex.

First of all, let me describe HAPPINESS on my opinion.

One often finds it hard to define what happiness is all about because it is just to abstract and there is not a single or universal definition of it. Happiness for some might be just having a spoon of rice or just getting by through the day, going room and receiving a hug from loved ones, cuddling, receiving the long awaited bonus, getting that one shoes that one’s been eyeing whole month, laughing with friends with big joint rolling weed and couple bottle of beers, received first text from the one that i chase for long time and she ask to go out dinner or watch movie, sleep with your ‘friend with benefit’, writings and listen a good playlist and many others.

Writing all these things made me realize that all this time i’ve been thinking that happiness is a circumstance that happen to you. Most people think that happiness is subjective since everyone has unique requirements for attaining happiness and what makes one person happy may be very different from what makes someone else happy. So, it makes me think deep about happiness every time. But also, like yin and yang theory. There will be a lot of distraction to reach our happiness. We have to keep calm, and think clearly about all of positive things. It happen with me, i experienced to forget and forgive the bad memory, and change my mindset that everything in life is created to make us happy. My life continue, i am glad the good things comes more than i expect. First thing first: Change your mindset from the saddest thing into living your own dream.

A true happy person is someone who despite his or her circumstances in life, by the end of the day can still smile inwardly and feel grateful for everything in life. You can go through great pain and adversity and still feel happy. You can be unemployed, single, underpaid, sick, lonely and still be happy. Happiness is not based on your circumstances, emotions, feelings, or what others do to you. It is not something to be waited upon, but it is something to be seeked. It is not something far away and unattainable and it does not depend on circumstances or event. It is far more beyond our sight, thoughts, desires, and worries. It is a choice that comes from the heart and a manifestation of faith.The greater part of our happiness depends upon our choices, and not upon our circumstances.

Ok, back to the ‘stuck with your unnecessary memory with your heartless ex‘.

After 179 days i never heard any from my ex girlfriend Cassie, and 113 days not writing about her anymore. I believe today it’s way better than just remembering the smell and taste of lychee from her lip-gloss, or the good s*x on The Grey Hotel when we’re both took one each of a good ecstasy, unforgettable wild experiences s*x on the secret beach at Nusa Dua Bali, and i believe many other things. I am glad that was over, because sometimes people choose to leave not because of selfish reasons but they just know that things will get worse if they stay, and i’m glad now love is around me. Even i’m still single, but i have someone to cuddle with, someone to care with, someone that can spend her time to share with, someone who can watch movie about guy stuck by rock on ‘127 Hours’ while I’m stuck with something really tight on “127 minutes”. 🙂

We are responsible for our own happiness. I choose to be happy in every condition, and hopefully by reading this you choose to be happy as well. Find something to do, something to love, and something to hope for. Think only the best and expect only the best. Happiness comes when you least expect it and you have to constantly strive to commit to your decision to be happy. We can not control our attitude towards our circumstances, but we can control how we view those circumstances. The difference of happy and unhappy people lies on how their circumstance of life are processed and interpreted.

Choose to be happy: Do the things you love. Forgive quickly. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Be part of something you believe in. Grab the simple pleasures such an anti depress pills. Make that phone call to Mom an said “I love you Mom” in whole-hearted. Buy that IPhone 5. Laugh more. Hug your flirt ones. Travel often. Hang out with your best buddies. Drink a beer or two, don’t wait for it to happen. Just do something that you know it by heart will make you happy. 🙂

I hope you will make the effort to be and stay happy and easily moved on from your ex. My advice is; the less you think about her/him, hear about her/him, see her/him, and know about her/him, the better you’ll be. I wish you guys had the power to ignore her/him, just like they ignore you. Decide with your heart, fight for what you deserve. Keep calm, your in paradise 😉

One hour before go to Halloween private villa party
Chill in my room
Chill in my room.
Gokarting with crazy mate.
The night that i spend with
The night that i spend with.
Save the last dance for me baby 🙂
Not the only one that i can cuddling with.
Not the only one that i have been cuddling with.
Flying Lantern to Celebrate
Flying Lantern to Celebrate.
Beers and Beaches
Beers, Bikini’s and Beaches
I don't mind if you judge me, I'm just one of lucky bastard in my age :)
I don’t mind if you judge me, I’m just one of lucky bastard in my age 🙂

~ ~ ~

 I dedicate this post for my dearest 168 big family, particularly to my dearest sisters Maura Likumahuwa who is soon to be giving birth and my all the greatest party in Bali these years, everything it’s just beautiful.

~ ~ ~


Author: Moussa Askey

It sounds easy, but it is not. I know because i am writing my first book: "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop" (Alice in the Wonderland)

5 thoughts on “Keep Calm i’m in Paradise”

  1. on my opininon… the way u described ur happiness is obviously that u try to hide ur pain…. there’s no responsibility at all…. u dont even care bout your future, people that love and need you… all the thing u got is just grab a beer, get a weed and party…. while u in 30’s all of ur party friend will have their own house, car and family….and u still rent a room, riding ur bike and starring ur life and feel sorry to ur “happiness”…..

  2. @christokovich why do u think having an own house, car family is equal to happiness or even something good. Like he describes in his post everybody has different perception of happiness. So if he is happy with renting a room, riding a bike and hanging around with friends but making his dreams come true so let him. There is no standard or guideline for happiness!

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