That’s Why We Pray

No father wants to be separated from his kids. But, as separated families become more common, millions of dads now live apart from their children. Luckily, with faith in pray, a little common sense and compromise from me and my child’s mom, i can still have a great time with my daughter.


The greatest gift i ever had come from God, and i call her Samantha Askey. ~Daddy


Sometimes when i visit with some of my single father friends, i’m imagine of the challenge that they are facing raising children alone. But i still just don’t get it. How to raise a child by myself. I absolutely adore and love my daughter. She does have, mostly due to the influence of mine, become strong. But i afraid to think how she might have turned out if i was her lone parent. So, single dads, i hope you can feel my admiration for your taking on the challenge of raising a daughter alone. In trying to understand the keys to success in raising a daughter as a single dad, i turned to some of my friends who have done it well.

Whether you are divorced or separated parent, or whether you are a widowed dad, the challenges are very similar. So, given the advice from those who have walked in your shoes, here are some of my current stories.

When we found her problem, many men tend to take an “I Must Fix It” mentality in their lives and their relationships. We tend to listen long enough to identify the problem, solve and pray then we are off on the solution. My daughters usually don’t want us to fix their issues; She would rather we listen for understanding and let her learn to work our solutions. I always try to keeping the lines of communications open requires time, patience and a willingness to make it a priority, even though in distance.

At first, it is hard to continue my life after last minute divorce and i don’t want to remind my memories or thinking how those things happen in my life. Forget, forgive and moved on. But the purpose about what i’m trying to convey to all of you is the separated between me and my lovely daughter (Samantha).

Someone once said to me that my father leave my mom, my sister and me with no responsibility and no regrets. I have learned that i don’t want to be like him. I know i am failed to maintain my marriage, but this is certainly not my decisions and i had tried to fix it many time until i founded that this is not about how to fix it. This is about her life, i am admitted thaw “We parents” too selfish to ignore her; that she’s deserve to have a parents completely.

I have faith that one day we will be together as a family, maybe not now, not tomorrow or  maybe in the other ways or anything possible, we never know. Sometimes it feels impossible; “That’s why we pray”.


“I know more people than you can count have probably told you, but you should not give up. I hope you never do. Son, my husband, your father leave us in a bad way almost twenty years ago. I know what it’s like to experience loss but, for the sake of your daughter and me, you have to learn that we cannot give up. Be strong, and know that at least one person out there is wishing the best for you at every possible moment. I love you.” – Mom

“Be strong, we all experience loss at some point of our lives. I’m sure your daughter is proud of you. Because she has such a strong Father and trust me, seeing you cry makes her cry too. She wants her daddy to be happy, so go out there and live your life. First, take a look in the mirror and smile.” – Best Friends

~moussa isaac askey-