Dreaming what my last day would be.

Today is the last day of an era past

Today is my last day, i have been dreaming last night that it was fun to do this. Just wondering.

Whenever i get to put in my one month notice here is ultimately what i would like to do on my last day. I hope i get these annoying guests that come in and constantly leave 10%.

First i would like to go over to the table on my operator office while they are calling every second to order almost everything on last minute and rude. Then i continue to introduce myself as a operator and offering assistance to get their attention.

After that, i would take their orders and when they ask me; “Is it good?”

I will say “Not at all it sucks, try the Angus Rib Eye instead it’s our most expensive item”

Then while they were trying to order i would pull out my cell phone and hold up the phone that they should wait while i finish my personal call.

This would go something like this “Hey what’s up? No i am not busy just waiting on some people here at the hotels. No i doubt, i can make the 21:00 movie they are campers. Yeah i know, etc.”  Then while hear the other phone they completely baffled by my behavior i would finish taking the order.

I will intentionally omit asking a relevant question only so when i am sitting at the computer entering the order so i can call back to the guest room and asking; “Sir, you the one who order Angus right?, sorry man i forget to ask your name. Make it quick Sir, how did you want your steak cooked?”

Then i would excuse myself tell my senior i was going out for a cigarette and if they need anything they will just have to wait until i am done. Finally when received they call for assisting to clear up the dishes i would say thanks, today is my last day so i did not give great service like it was before…I just treated you the way i have always been treated by you, so feel free to go ahead and leave my usual 10% services because you got an 10% effort.

Enjoy the rest of your stay.


Author: Moussa Askey

It sounds easy, but it is not. I know because i am writing my first book: "Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop" (Alice in the Wonderland)

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